The Ark of the Covenant Discovered? 

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Biblical archeologist Ron Wyatt while visiting Jerusalem was inspired by a chance encounter with an antiquities director to look for the Ark of the Covenant at the site known as Jeremiah’s grotto.  Upon studying the Biblical accounts of the ark, Ron concluded that the ark could possibly be in Jeremiah’s grotto.  He then started excavating the area.  During the first phase of excavation he was able to uncover what he believes was the sight of the crucifixion.  He found 3 square holes cut into rock, which he believes were used to hold up crosses, just below the skull face on a hill outside the old city walls of Jerusalem.  He noted that alongside the center cross-hole was an earthquake crack.  He discovered other things at the crucifixion site, which we will not go into detail about at this time, but you can read about them on the Wyatt museum website, which is linked below.  He kept digging further down and eventually found some very small passageways deep in the ground below the cross holes that led to a chamber.  Inside the chamber Ron claims to have seen the table of shew bread, the golden lamp stand, and most importantly the Ark of the Covenant.  But the most amazing discovery that he found in the chamber was when he looked at the ceiling of the chamber above the ark.  He saw a crack in the ceiling with dried blood around it.  The ark also had dried blood on it.  After realizing the significance of his discovery he fainted.  He believes that when Christ was crucified the earthquake at the time of the crucifixion opened up a crack that led down into the chamber where the ark was. Thus when the soldier speared Christ’s side the blood ran down into the crack and dripped onto the mercy seat secretly buried below thousands of years before.  Ron took a sample of the blood and had it analyzed and it was found to have only ˝ the chromosomes of a normal human, plus one for determination of gender. This amazing discovery is documented on the Ron Wyatt museum website.  They also have available a very informative video entitled The Ark of the Covenant, Part 1, detailing his discovery.  I highly recommend their website; the address is


Another individual, Vendyl Jones whom was the inspiration for the famed Indiana Jones movies, claims that he knows where the ark is and has now obtained permission to bring it out.  “He believes the ark will be discovered by Tisha B'Av (Aug. 14) 2005.”[1]  Jim Searcy has had both Ron Wyatt and Vendyl Jones in his house and believes that Vendyl Jones is under control of the illuminati and may produce a fake version of the ark for illuminati purposes.