Drosnin and the Bible Codes

By William Frederick, M. Div.

Author of The Coming Epiphany; Because You Need To Know The Truth About The End Times.


Michael Drosnin in his book Bible code II promoted the theory that aliens started life on earth.  He had several Bible code matrices that promoted this theory and even went so far as to suggest that the aliens were responsible for the writing of the Bible and the code it contains.  First off, even though Michael Drosnin has done allot of good in popularizing the Bible codes, any serious student of the Bible codes quickly recognizes that Michael Drosnins Bible codes are, for the most part, improperly developed.  You can find a Bible code to say just about anything that you want, just like you can take verses out of context in scripture and make them say just about anything too.  In order for a Bible code to be considered properly developed, and thus noteworthy, it must among other things be statistically significant.  Some code researchers believe that in order for a code from the Torah to be statistically significant, it must have odds that exceed 1x10 to the 7th power. Michael Drosnin has helped promote and introduce the Bible codes to many people in the world.  I myself first heard about the Bible codes from hearing an expose about his first book.  However, as many people have figured out for themselves, Mr. Drosnin does not develop his codes to the point where they become statistically significant.  Thus they may or may not be true, and or may not tell the whole story.  The danger in this is that people can be led astray into believing falsehoods.


One such falsehood, which he has put forth in his book, Bible Code II, is the theory that the originator of life on this planet was an alien that crash-landed in a spaceship on the peninsula of Lisan near the Dead Sea.  He also asserts that this alien is the originator of the Bible codes and that the key to the codes can be found on an obelisk in that area.  Through his undeveloped codes He goes on to say that this key can be found in a steel ark or container that will become visible at some time, that the aliens brought DNA and created life, that this alien is god, and that this alien is buried nearby and that a steel ark can be found by the use of some method of detection, and also the solution to stop a nuclear world war is to be found at Lisan in this ark.  Quite a fantastic story!


Above I stated any serious student of Bible codes quickly recognizes that Michael Drosnins Bible codes are, for the most part, improperly developed.  You can find a Bible code to say just about anything that you want.  Let me demonstrate how this is true.  Below I have formed a matrix by taking several words that Mr. Drosnin used in the series of matrices on the subject and added some of my own and here is what I came up with.



Term                 Translation          Skip     R Factor   (in Matrix)

   deception n.            4750        0.340       2.800      

        from Lisan                -959         -4.495      -2.036     

   From iron furnace     1              -0.301      2.158      

        satanic adj.              11398      -4.563      -2.103     

       satanic adj.              8545        -4.271      -1.812     

       deception n.            -6             -1.489      0.970      

       alien n.                     -952         -3.469      -1.010     

        steel n.                     -14           -1.940      0.520      

        steel n.                     -1900       -4.071      -1.612     

       spaceship n.            -1890       -3.537      -1.077     

       spaceship n.            -4759       -3.936      -1.476     

        false adj.                  -2             -2.339      0.121      

        false adj.                  -3             -2.515      -0.055     

        false adj.                  4              -2.640      -0.180     

         false adj.                  10            -2.072      0.387      

       false adj.                  -10           -0.457      2.002      

        false adj.                  1              -1.000      1.459      

       originator n.              3793        -3.851      -1.392     

        originator n.              -6             -2.105      0.354      

        originator n.              -6             -2.105      0.354      

       planted adj.              -937         -3.579      -1.120     

        conspirator n.           -11           -2.030      0.429      


The ELS reference is 950 characters between rows.

There are 22 displayed terms in the matrix.

The matrix starts at Isaiah Ch 28 V 15 Letter 8 and ends at Jeremiah Ch 11 V 4 Letter 81.

The matrix spans 57068 characters of the surface text.

The matrix has 61 rows, is 68 columns wide and contains a total of 4148 characters.

The total r-value of the positive terms excluding surface text is 5.477

The odds of the positive r-value terms occurring by chance are approx 300,000  to one.


I am not a Bible code expert and the matrix above, due to my lack of Hebrew language expertise, is not developed far enough to be statistically significant.  The fact remains that it may or may not be further developed to become statistically significant.  But it is developed more fully than Mr. Drosnins matrix, it also has some very significant terms, and has odds of occurring by chance of 300,000 to one.  The main term of the matrix is deception and it is quite significant that this word is only encoded once in the Old Testament and appears in the same matrix as some of Drosnins terms.  At the bottom of the matrix is the surface text from iron furnace, this was one of the prominent terms in one of his matrices.  He asserts that the steel ark made by the alien that contains the code key and DNA came from an iron furnace.  I also found encoded in this matrix other aspects of his theory such as the crossing terms alien and from Lisan, spaceship, steel, originator, and conspirator.  Along with the very significant main term of deception the terms satanic and false were also found several times.  The point that I am trying to make is that Mr Drosnins matrices are not properly developed to the point where they are statistically significant and thus are not valid.  The above matrix is also not developed to the point where it is statistically significant and thus is also not valid.  But if one were to accept Mr Drosnins matrices as valid then one must also accept the matrix above and it declares that the alien theory is false!  For a more thorough understanding of the Bible codes and what they are all about refer to addendum 1 at the end of this book.  I would also recommend Roy Rheinholds Bible code website located at; www.ad2004.com.  Roy is in my opinion one of the foremost Bible code researchers in the world.


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