Rock Music


Is it Good or Bad?


The Bible Codes Reveal the Answer!


This is a question that has been hotly debated in the church for quite some time. Some churches have turned to rock music as a way of reaching out to this generation of younger folks; while other churches have been staunchly opposed to it. Upon seeking the Lord and the principles in his Word, I was shown the answer to the question of whether rock music is good or bad. I wrote what I found in a book entitled Christian Rock Music, Wolf or Sheep? To confirm and substantiate the answer, that I had already come to from scripture as put forth in the book, I looked to the Bible codes. Realizing that the Bible code contains time locked information for our generation, what better way to answer a question that is primarily specific to our generation? The answer to that question is set forth in the following matrices.





The first matrix contains only the statistically significant words. As the report shows these words are encoded at odds of 66.6 billion to one. (The odds are figured by raising 10 to the power derived by adding the R factor of the first term to the sum of the "in matrix" R factors of the remaining terms.) Odds that high indicate that the occurrence of these words in the matrix are beyond chance, thus we can conclude that the words were encoded by design and thus God put them there. The question is; will we listen? The next matrix furthers the findings above by including the spatially significant terms.



I believe these Bible code matrices confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt the answer to the question of whether rock music is good or bad. The matrices tell us that Rock music, whether secular or Christian, is indeed evil and a very destructive force. This may be hard for some to accept or understand, but the truth still stands and I call on all who claim the name of Jesus to abhor and turn from it.

If you would like to read a Biblical analysis on the subject of whether Rock Music, whether secular or Christian is evil read Christian Rock Music; Wolf or Sheep? A Theological Analysis. By William Frederick.